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In 2015, GRAFX CO. collaborated with IDEMA and the famous Turkish actor, Mert Firat, to re-design and code the Needs Map website. IDEMA is an entrepreneurship initiative specialized in developing & implementing innovative, sustainable social-economic development projects across Turkey and all around the world.

Needs Map (Ihtiyac Haritasi - IH) is an interactive humanitarian platform that offers an opportunity to connect the people in need to the individuals or institutions who wants to help. The platform cultivates online collectivism by leveraging the latest technology to build social awareness. Needs Map is founded by Dr. Ali Ercan Özgür, Elif Kalan, Güler Altinsoy, Hazal Dut and famous, talented Turkish actor Mert Firat.

The Needs Map Re-Design

The first version of the Needs Map became such a popular outlet for the people in need and the caring who were eager to build a better community. The amount of data input was too much to handle for the first version that was built entirely manual. A small team of volunteers were challenged to plug in all the requests one by one while answering non-stop calls for help.
Aligning with the websites’ mission to allow caring for others effortlessly, GRAFX CO. audited the problems thoroughly and volunteered to upgrade the platform. First, we collected months of data, then we re-strategized the entire UX and UI experience. We re-designed the entire site for all desktop and mobile devices, and added a new suite of features such as, security upgrades, social media connect, user profiles, feedback, human-centric help categories, individual and group scheduling capabilities, project management and alert systems. Designing a website that allowed scalability on a global level required our strategists, engineers, coders, and designers to push the limits.


At GRAFX CO., we believe that the design of any user interface should revolve around thorough research, flawless functionality, and effortless usability. We also believe in well-designed content that conveys emotion. After assessing the previous design of the Needs Map website, our primary challenge was to refresh the site by developing a cleaner, more intuitive interface that elevated the functionality to next level.


Purposefully designed with a responsive, modular and adaptive infrastructure. Not only the site is capable of input and output of mass data through cloud but it has also been designed to display on a broad range of devices. Users have the freedom to use the Needs Map whether they are on their desktop computer, mobile device and tablet.


Our first task was to cut through the clutter and create a more unified aesthetic. Emphasis was placed on color to help the users navigate important call-to-action. From here, we elicited unorganized color scheme with a minimalist, strategic, and more harmonious palette.
Choosing the correct tone is crucial in interface design. Users are exposed to primary colors constantly, so we decided to escape from saturated hues by softening their tone. After exercising our basic color theory knowledge, we played with different tonal variations. We ultimately decided to utilize blue, red, and green to accommodate users’ psychological impact on decision making. Each color was carefully selected to facilitate the user experience. Red was chosen to alert the “needs” element of the Needs Map. To compliment the soft red, we chose a mint green to represent the “support” functions, since it evokes a sense of safety and harmony. In addition, we adopted the original brand color of the Needs Map to indicate “resolved needs” as light blue indicates tranquility and calmness. Lastly, white and a subtle grey were utilized for the background of the Needs Map to emphasize the colors.


There are 18 “support” categories users may choose from, so our goal was to develop icons that not only symbolized each individual category in function, but icons that were also universal. In tandem with our color scheme, these icons allowed for us to create a visual system, further simplifying site navigation for users.

Giving is caring!

GRAFX CO. spent nine months upgrading the Needs Map entirely pro-bono, providing roughly more then half of a million dollars in services.
We fully support and believe in the Needs Map platform, and we feel privileged to be able to help such a noble cause.

  • Organization

    • Organization : IDEMA
    • Founder / Influencer : Mert Firat
    • Founder : Dr. Ali Ercan Özgür
    • Title : Elif Kalan
    • Title : Guler Altinsoy
    • Title : Hazal Dut
  • Digital & Experience Design

    • Company : GRAFX CO.
    • Owner / Creative Dir. : C. Sean Yuksel
    • Producer : Irene Theo
    • C.D. Digital : Saygun Erkaraman
    • UX / UI Design : Baris Siniksaran
    • Front-End Dev. : Hamza Erbay
    • Back-End Dev : Serdar Gumuskaya
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